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Our Services

We hold a variety of services, all of which center our thoughts on the message of the cross and teach us to take up our crosses and follow Jesus. 

To inquire about any of our services contact us.

Sunday Services

Each Sunday morning, beginning at 10:00 AM, we gather for Bible Class & Sunday School. Then, at 11:00 AM, we hold worship services which direct our hearts to ponder both our need for God's forgiveness and God's forgiveness through Jesus' cross. Each service remains distinct, however, as it touches on a specific area of our lives - from parenting to marriage, from being a good neighbor to being an honest employee, from our responsibility as citizens of an earthly nation to our citizenship in the kingdom of God. As such, the attentive listener will always find an opportunity to grow in the knowledge and grace of God.

If you would like to sample any of these services prior to visiting us for worship, you may do so by watching our online services on YouTube. 

Advent & Lent

For three weeks prior to Christmas and six weeks prior to Easter, we also hold special services each Wednesday evening beginning at 7:00 PM.


Advent means "He is coming" and the purpose of our special Advent services is to remind us Christ's first coming for our redemption, His present coming to us through the preaching of His Word, and His future coming to take us to heaven. We view these special services as an important part of keeping our hearts focused on the "true meaning of Christmas."


During Lent, which means "spring," we focus our hearts on the purpose and meaning behind Christ's suffering and death on the cross and prepare our hearts for a true Easter celebration.

Other special Services

There are several other special services we hold throughout the year, such as New Year's Eve, Ascension Day, and Reformation Day. There is also a special Maundy Thursday and Good Friday service. All of these services are intended to keep us mindful of the grace of God toward us as we strive to live a godly life through faith in Jesus.


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