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Timely Topics

Timely Topics

It's often difficult to speak intelligently on current issues, especially in a way that is faithful to God's Word and loving toward others. This series of lessons brings some of today's challenging topics into the open and into the light of God's Word so that we can be prepared to speak the truth in a spirit of Christian love.

Individual Lessons

The fundamental differences between a biblical, creationist viewpoint and what is known as intelligent design.

Just as God created the earth’s atmosphere to sustain human life, he also promises to preserve the earth’s atmosphere and climate in such a way that it will always be able to sustain human life.

Without the Fall, attraction and gender identity would be in accord with God's perfect design. Because of the Fall, attraction and gender identity do not always align with God's perfect design.

As we think about our annual celebration of Christ’s birth, we want to make sure that we are giving full glory to God. Can we do so while also engaging in make believe?

A good review of what the Bible says about Baptism centered around the question of whether grandparents should baptize their grandchildren when their own parents don't.

There is much confusion regarding the practice of "Close Communion." We want our practice to be in accord with God's Word, so what does the Bible say about this always timely issue?

As separate as the kingdoms of the world and the Kingdom of God are, both are established by God, and they inevitably overlap. Most notably this occurs in the life of the individual Christian since Christians are citizens of both kingdoms.

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