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Follow Me: Discipleship according to Saint Matthew

The goal of this course is to study the whole gospel of Matthew. Matthew reveals to us how Jesus taught his disciples to make disciples of others. Matthew tells us to watch Jesus, learn who he is, and see his compassion and power and how he ushers in the kingdom of God. Watch him die for our sins and rise again. As we do this, we will be willing and able to follow him and grow in our ability to live for him.

Individual Lessons

Matthew 1:  Who Is Calling Us to Follow Him?

Matthew 2:  We Follow a King Who Is Received Only by Faith

Matthew 3:  The Kingdom of God Is at Hand

Matthew 4:  Follow Me—I Am Your Righteousness

Matthew 5:  Live as Members of My Kingdom

Matthew 6:  Follow Me In Piety and Trust

Matthew 7:  Serve the World with the Gospel

Matthew 8:  Follow Me—For I Have Authority and Compassion

Matthew 9:  Follow Me—For I Give You Forgiveness

Matthew 10:  Bring Others into My Kingdom of Grace

Matthew 11:  Follow Me For Who I Am

Matthew 12:  Let Nothing Harden You against My Message

Matthew 13:  Boldly Spread the Message of the Kingdom

Matthew 14 & 15:  Be Separate from the World

Matthew 16:  Taking up Your Cross

Matthew 17:  Share in My Glory

Matthew 18:  Forgive as I Have Forgiven You

Matthew 19:  Marriage, Children, and Possessions

Matthew 20:1 - 21:11:  Follow Me to Jerusalem

Matthew 21:12-46:  Bear Witness against Unbelief

Matthew 22:  Follow Me With a Pure Heart

Matthew 23:  Find Refuge under My Wings

Matthew 24:1-35:  Always Watching for My Return

Matthew 24:36 - 25:46:  Follow Me Until I Return

Matthew 26:1-46:  I Go Ahead of You

Matthew 26:47 - 27:10:  I Must Go to the Cross Alone

Matthew 27:11-56:  Our King Goes into Battle

Matthew 27:57 - 28:20:  Lead Others to Follow Me

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